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Method and apparatus for calculating the electrical characteristics of materials of thin film transistors

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #6714027.

A device and automated method of calculating bulk states information and interface states information of a thin film transistor from a current-voltage measurement and a capacitance-voltage measurement comprising the steps of: calculating the flat band voltage from the input capacitance-voltage measurement; applying a general expression of Gauss's Law and the calculated flat band voltage to a capacitance voltage relationship which define capacitance so as to calculate a relationship between gate surface potential and gate/source voltage; applying Gauss's Law to the calculated relationship between gate surface potential and gate/source voltage to thereby calculate and ouput the interface states; calculating conductance/gate voltage data from the current-voltage measurement using the calculated flat band voltage; conducting an initialisation process using the calculated conductance/gate voltage data and the calculated relationship between gate surface potential and gate/source voltage, said initialisation process using a conductance equation so as to calculate initialised values for the electron conductance at the flat band voltage, for the hole conductance at the flat band voltage, for a density of states function and for the Fermi Energy; conducting an iteration process based on Poisson's equation using the said initialised values calculated by the initialisation process and the calculated conductance/gate voltage data to thereby calculate and output the bulk states information.

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