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Transverse folding apparatus

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6708855.

A transverse folding apparatus for folding cut web products into web wipes, napkins, and the like includes a tucker blade which follows a hypocycloidal path for folding the web products. A cutoff roll and an anvil roll cut a web into cut web products. The cut web products are conveyed along a first web path by first and second belts. The second belt also extends along a second web path which extends transversely from the first web path. The first belt extends along the first web path beyond the second web path. The tucker blade moves transversely past the first belt into the first web path to engage each web product and transversely fold the web product into the second web path. A creasing roll along the second web path engages the folded edge of each web product. A pair of stacker infeed belts extend along the second web path and convey the web produts from the second belt to a stacker.

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