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Method and apparatus for utilizing non-cylindrical support sections to lift and level existing buildings from a location underneath the buildings

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #6705053.

An apparatus and a method are provided for lifting and leveling an existing building from a position underneath the existing building. At least a first non-cylindrical support section having a substantially rectangular shape and first and second ends is located within the earth at a position underneath the existing building. A cap support section is placed in contact with the second end of the first non-cylindrical support section. A jack is disposed on the upper side of the cap support section and raised until the foundation of the existing building has been lifted to a desired height. The non-cylindrical support section has low bearing and high friction characteristics. The low bearing characteristics enable the apparatus to be driven further into the earth than cylindrical pilings that are commonly used to lift and level existing buildings. The high friction characteristics assist in maintaining the stability of the apparatus once it has been installed.

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