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Process for forming a multi-ply fiber web

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6702926.

A wire section for forming a multi-ply fiber web. The wire section includes a first belt which advances a first fiber ply toward a couch roll defining a combining section. A twin-wire zone of the wire section includes first and second wires between which a second fiber ply is initially formed in a gap former. The second wire separates from the first wire and then the first wire supporting the second fiber ply meets the first belt supporting the first fiber ply at the couch roll of the combining section to form the multi-ply fiber web. The twin-wire part is arranged upstream of the combining section along the running direction of the first belt. The second fiber ply runs on the first wire into the combining section at an angle less than with respect to the belt entering the combining section. The path of the wires from the forming roll to the combining section is disclosed. A suction box or arrangement holds the second fiber ply to the first wire when the first and second wires separate. Dewatering foils press on the wires moving through the twin-wire zone.

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