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Use of scatterometry/reflectometry to measure thin film delamination during CMP

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6702648.

One aspect of the present invention relates to a system and method for examining a wafer for delamination in real time while polishing the wafer. The system comprises a polishing system programmed to planarize one or more film layers formed on at least a portion of a semiconductor wafer surface; a real-time metrology system coupled to the polishing system such that the metrology system examines the layers as they are planarized; and one or more delamination sensors, wherein at least a portion of each sensor is integrated into the polishing system in order to provide data to the metrology system and wherein the sensor comprises at least one optical element to detect delamination during polishing. The method involves polishing at least a portion of an uppermost film layer and examining at least a portion of a layer underlying the uppermost film layer for delamination as the uppermost layer is being polished.

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