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Universal quick connector apparatus for an LCD monitor

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6702604.

A universal connector apparatus comprising a first component and a second component. The first component is fixedly secured to a housing of an LCD monitor and includes a wedge shaped projection or protrusion and a first electrical connector. The second component forms a docking station and is fixedly secured to any other support surface where the LCD monitor is to be attached and supported from. The second component includes a second electrical connector intended to matingly engage with the first electrical connector. The LCD monitor is attached to the second component by slidably engaging the wedge shaped protrusion or projection of the first component into a wedge shaped recess formed in the second component. This automatically centers the two electrical connectors before they matingly engage one another and prevents damage to the male pins of the male electrical connector. The apparatus enables an LCD monitor to be quickly and easily attached and released from a support surface incorporating the second component so that the monitor may be used at a different location as may be needed.

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