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High density recording, dual stripe MR (DSMR) head for achieving anti-parallel exchange coupling with one biased layer having low coercivity

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6697233.

A method of forming a DSMR head comprises the steps of forming a first ferromagnetic (FM) strip on a substrate with a first anti-FM (AFM) pinning layer over a portion of the first ferromagnetic strip, the first AFM pinning layer being composed of a first material. Then perform a first high temperature annealing step. Form a non-magnetic layer over the strip and the pinning layer. Then form a second FM strip on the non-magnetic layer, and form a second AFM pinning layer over a portion of the second FM strip, with a second AFM pinning layer being composed identically of the first material. Perform a second high temperature annealing step on the first and second FM strips and the first and second pinning layers and the intermediate non-magnetic layer in the presence of a second magnetic field antiparallel to the first magnetic field. A head with NiFe FM strips and FeMn or MnPt, etc, AFM layers for both strips is provided.

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