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Method of making simulated wood shake shingle having vertical shadow lines

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6692608.

A method of making shingles includes coating a shingle mat with roofing asphalt to make an asphalt-coated sheet, and covering the asphalt-coated sheet with granules to form a granule-covered sheet along a longitudinal axis, the granule-covered sheet having a shadow patch thereon, the shadow patch having a first width along the longitudinal axis. The granule-covered sheet is divided into an overlay sheet and an underlay sheet, the shadow patch being on the underlay sheet. A pattern of tabs and cutouts is cut in the overlay sheet, one of the tabs of the pattern being a select tab having a second width along the longitudinal axis, the second width of the select tab being less than the first width of the shadow patches. The relative longitudinal positions of the shadow patch and the select tab are synchronized. The overlay sheet and the underlay sheet are laminated together, thereby covering a portion of the synchronizing shadow patch with the select tab to leave a remainder portion of the shadow patch uncovered by the select tab. Remainder portions of different widths are created on different shingles by varying the longitudinal positions of the select tab and the shadow patches with respect to each other.

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