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Adjuster strut

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6691838.

A drum brake assembly, adjuster strut (10) being adjustable and having axially extended and retracted conditions. The strut includes means (11, 35) for engaging braking members (3), a rotatable member (27) rotatable about the lengthwise axis of the strut, an axially movable member (34) movable upon forward rotation of member (27) to lengthen the strut in the retracted condition, and biasing means (24) for biasing the strut toward the axially extended condition upon radial expansion of the brake shoes during brake actuation. The rotatable member has a face (30) and a cam surface (31) formed thereon and defining teeth formed in a ring. The strut includes an arm (37) which is mounted to pivot and an end portion (40) biased into engagement with the surface (31). In use, the arm causes the rotatable (27) member to rotate in a forward direction during axial extension of the strut.

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