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Monolith supporting structure for use in catalytic converter

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6685888.

For resiliently and safely supporting a monolith in a housing, a supporting structure is proposed. An annular seat structure is defined in the housing. An annular resilient washer is made of wire mesh and is put on the annular seat structure for supporting thereon a circular peripheral edge of the monolith. A biasing structure biases the monolith toward the annular resilient washer to compress the washer. The washer has a generally rectangular cross section and has a chamfered surface around a circular outer surface thereof. The chamfered surface is positioned radially outside the circular peripheral edge of the monolith. With this, even when compressed by the monolith, the washer is prevented from producing a biasing force for pulling the circular peripheral edge of the monolith radially outward, and thus, damage of the edge is suppressed.

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