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Camouflage pattern method and apparatus

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #6682879.

A pattern for camouflage and a method for making the pattern. Rely on photographic images arranged in a synthetic perspective relationship, appearing to extend toward the horizon. The photographic images are images of landscape features in a selected environment. The pattern blends in with landscape features both in proximity to and distant from the camouflage pattern. In one embodiment, the pattern is adapted to be seamlessly repeatable across a surface. In one or two dimensions the method for making the camouflage includes taking photographs and selecting photographic images that represent the landscape features in the selected environment. The method also includes separating those images and arranging them into a repeating pattern. Photographic images are arranged in synthetic perspective which includes obscuring background images with foreground images in a manner that simulates the perspective in the selected environment.

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