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Satellite configuration for interferometric and/or tomographic remote sensing by means of synthetic aperture radar (SAR)

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #6677884.

For interferometric and/or tomographic remote sensing by means of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) one to N receiver satellites and/or transmitter satellites and/or transceiver satellites with a horizontal across-track shift the same or differing in amplitude form a configuration of satellites orbiting at the same altitude and same velocity. Furthermore, a horizontal along-track separation, constant irrespective of the orbital position, is adjustable between the individual receiver satellites. In this arrangement one or more receiver satellites orbiting at the same altitude and with the same velocity are provided with a horizontal across-track shift varying over the orbit such that the maximum of the horizontal across-track shift occurs over a different orbital position for each satellite, the maxima of the horizontal across-track shifts are positioned so that the baselines are optimized for across-track interferometry. A transmitter or transceiver satellite is positioned either separate from the configuration without across-track shift or as part of the configuration with horizontal across-track shift.

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