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Sharing arbiter

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #6675246.

The Sharing arbiter is an arbiter which, under certain conditions, permits two or more Done signals to be received before the Sharing arbiter issues a grant signal and, under certain conditions, is permitted to issue more than one grant signal before receiving a Done signal. A Sharing arbiter can be implemented by adding a queue onto the Done input of a Sequencer arbiter. In a Sharing arbiter with a Sharing-number of N and K request inputs, the Sharing arbiter is permitted to issue M grant signals concurrently if M input requests have been received (where M.ltoreq.K and M.ltoreq.N) without enforcing mutual exclusion between the grants if at least M Done signals have also been received. Where less than M Done signals have been received (P Done signals, for example), the Sharing arbiter arbitrates among the M input requests and is permitted to issue P grant signals concurrently.

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