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Rifle sling

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6672492.

A rifle sling for transporting a rifle and steadying the rifle during firing is herein disclosed. The sling comprises a strap that is attached at one end near the muzzle of the rifle and at a second end near the butt of the rifle. An intermediate portion of the strap passes freely through a sling clip that is coupled to the truncal region of the bearer of the rifle. When the rifle is placed in its firing position, muzzle flip caused by recoil in the rifle will be resisted by the strap of the sling. The sling clip may clamp the strap of the sling to more securely couple the muzzle end of the rifle to the truncal region of the bearer. In addition, the sling is constructed and arranged to permit the movement of the rifle between its slung and firing positions without uncoupling the strap of the sling from the sling clip.

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