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Water cooling type cooling block for semiconductor chip

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6664627.

Provided is a water cooling type cooling block for a, semiconductor chip which can increase heat transfer efficiency by inducing turbulent flow even if a coolant flows at low speed. The cooling block includes a heat transfer plate contacting the semiconductor chip, a case connected to the heat transfer plate to enclose the heat transfer plate so as to accommodate a coolant for cooling heat from the heat transfer plate and having a coolant inlet port at its first end and a coolant outlet port at its second end so as to allow movement of the coolant, and a sealing means hermetically sealing the heat transfer plate and the case. The heat transfer plate is formed of a metal having high heat conductivity, and has a plurality of ribs entirely shaped of a flat plate on the surface opposite to a surface contacting the semiconductor chip for increasing a heat transfer surface to increase a heat transfer area, to induce turbulent flow of a coolant and to prevent a heat transfer coefficient from decreasing even if the flow rate is reduced. Therefore, a heat transfer area and heat transfer efficiency can be improved by increasing the circulation speed of a coolant. Also, heat resistance can be reduced by inducing turbulent flow of a coolant, which is advantageous for heat transfer. Further, since a user can observe the circulation state of a coolant or the internal state of the cooling block by user's naked eye, the cooling block can be replaced with new one or a coolant can be replaced before cooling efficiency is deteriorated. Further, the temperature of the semiconductor chip can be accurately measured by providing a sensor surrounded by an insulating material.

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