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Switching mechanism and electric switch using the same

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #6664490.

An AC/DC switch for electric power tools avoids bouncing when turned on, but assures quick cutting-off of heavy current. Operation does not vary with age, as might be caused by wearing of projections of the switching mechanism and/or inconsistency in spring material. A reversal spring quickly switches the mechanism on and off so that the movable contacts are brought close to the stationary contacts before the turning-on, thereby permitting the turning-on subsequent to traverse of the reversal point without bouncing of the movable contacts from the stationary contacts, and preventing movement of the movable contacts before reversal spring has stored increased energy, thus allowing quick release of stored energy to make the movable contacts leave the stationary contacts at a speed sufficient to prevent electric arcs between the movable and stationary contacts, and hence prevent the wearing of the contacts.

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