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Device and method for supporting an electronic toll pass assembly against the windshield of a vehicle

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6663063.

A mounting device and method for mounting an electronic toll payment pass to the interior of a vehicle's windshield. The device is comprised of a mounting structure having a face surface and a back surface. The face surface of the mounting structure is attached to the glass of the vehicle's windshield. The electronic toll payment pass is connected to the back surface of the mounting structure in a manner that allows the electronic toll payment pass to be easily installed and removed by the driver of the vehicle. When the electronic toll payment pass is attached to the mounting structure, the mounting structure is interposed between the glass of the windshield and the electronic toll payment pass. The mounting structure preferably contains a display image. The display image is visible through the glass of the windshield and obstructs the viewing of the electronic toll payment pass.

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