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Liquid crystal display having storage capacitance electrodes and method of fabricating the same

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #6654073.

Band-shaped data lines are arranged in parallel with each other so as to cross address lines via a gate insulating film formed over the address lines. An upper insulating film is formed over the data lines, and pixel electrodes are formed on the upper insulating film. Storage capacitance section includes common electrode and storage capacitance electrode. The common electrode is extended from the address line of adjacent pixel region. The storage capacitance electrode sandwiches the gate insulating film with the common electrode to store capacitance therebetween. The storage capacitance electrodes and the pixel electrodes are connected to each other via conductive through hole piercing through the upper insulating film. Besides, the storage capacitance electrode, source electrode of the thin film transistor section and a wiring connecting them are integrally formed of the same metal films.

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