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Card shuffling apparatus with integral card delivery

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6651982.

A card shuffling device includes a top surface, a card receiving area for receiving an initial set of playing cards, a randomizing system for randomizing the initial set of playing cards, a collection surface in a card collection area for receiving randomized playing cards, the collection surface receiving cards positioned so that all cards collected are below the top surface of the device, and an elevator for raising the collection surface so that at least some randomized cards are elevated above the top surface of the device. An automatic card shuffler includes a microprocessor with memory, an infeed compartment for receiving cards to be randomized, a card moving mechanism for moving cards individually from the infeed compartment into a card mixing compartment, a card mixing compartment comprising a plurality of substantially vertical supports, an opening for the passage of cards from the infeed compartment, a moveable lower support surface, at least one stationary gripping arm, a lower edge proximate the opening, the gripping arm capable of suspending cards above the opening, and an elevator for raising and lowering the moveable support surface. A position of the elevator is randomly selected and the support surface is moved to the selected position, and after the gripping arm grasps at least one side of the cards, the elevator lowers, creating a space beneath the gripping arm, wherein a card is moved from the infeed compartment into the space, thereby randomizing the cards. A method of randomizing a group of cards utilizing the apparatus is also disclosed.

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