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Information processing apparatus for entertainment system utilizing DMA-controlled high-speed transfer and processing of routine data

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6647486.

Routine processing for routine data, non-routine processing for routine data and general non-routine processing are to be processed efficiently. To this end, a main CPU has a CPU core having a parallel computational mechanism, a command cache and a data cache as ordinary cache units, and a scratch-pad memory SPR which is an internal high-speed memory capable of performing direct memory accessing (DMA) suited for routine processing. A floating decimal point vector processor (VPE) has an internal high-speed memory (VU-MEM) capable of DMA processing and is tightly connected to the main CPU to form a co-processor. The VPE has a high-speed internal memory (VU-MEM) capable of DMA processing. The DMA controller (DMAC) controls DMA transfer between the main memory and the SPR, between the main memory and the (VU-MEM) and between the (VU-MEM) and the SPR.

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