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Power semiconductor device having layered structure of power semiconductor elements and terminal members

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #6642576.

An IGBT (121) and a diode (131) are joined onto an element arrangement portion (111a) of a first terminal member (111) and an element arrangement portion (112a) of a second terminal member (112) is joined onto the IGBT (121) and the diode (131). Further, an IGBT (122) and a diode (132) are joined onto the element arrangement portion (112a) of the second terminal member (112) and an element arrangement portion (113a) of a third terminal member (113) is joined onto the IGBT (122) and the diode (132). A transfer mold package (141) is so formed as to house the elements (121, 122, 131, 132). External connection portions (111b, 112b, 113b) of the terminal members (111, 112, 113) are drawn out of the package (141). The element arrangement portion(s) (111a, 113a) of the first and/or third terminal member (111, 113) are/is exposed out of the package (141).

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