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Device and method of use for reducing hearing aid RF interference

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6639564.

An apparatus for reducing hearing aid radio frequency (RF) interference including a directional multi-band and/or single band antenna for use with PWDs such as digital cellphones is disclosed. The apparatus greatly reduces or eliminates the audio noise induced in hearing aids by the PWDs and allows operation of a hearing aid during PWD operation. In operation, the apparatus may be provided on the PWD side away from the user's head. The apparatus may be integrated into the PWB during its manufacture or provided as an after market assembly for a PWD that has a port for connection of an external antenna. The apparatus provides for improved front-to-back ratio as compared to antennas currently in use on PWD's, and therefore also reduces SAR (specific absorption rate), the level of RF energy received into the head by a PWD.

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