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Device and method for detecting, measuring, and reporting low-level interference at a receiver

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6639541.

An inexpensive, reliable apparatus and method for autonomously monitoring, measuring the incident level, recording, comparing, reporting, and optionally displaying an indication of intentional or unintentional low-power interfering signals or emissions, including naturally occurring emissions and reflections, as received at the input of an operating system. A particular application of this invention is to monitor, measure, record, compare, report and optionally display an indication of low level interference in the L1 and L2 bands of operation of the NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS). The received signals in L1 and L2 bands are compared to a reference received signal in a third band. This comparison provides a sensitive means to detect the presence of an interfering emission or signal in the L1 band or the L2 band via canceling out the variation in the radiometric scene temperature. The reported data are used for dynamic decision making.

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