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Quad cutter tool for removing syringe divider

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6638065.

A syringe system for delivering a dental material comprises a barrel configured for containing the material, a plunger configured for extruding the material, a divider configured for sectionalizing the material while it is being extruded, and a tool configured for detachment of the divider. The divider comprises at least one cutting plate that is affixed to the barrel and the tool comprises at least one recess configured for engaging the at least one cutting plate when the tool is inserted within the barrel, such as in a press fit arrangement. When the tool is axially rotated relative to the barrel, the at least one cutting plate can be effectively sheared away from the barrel. The tool may comprise a cap that is configured for sealably closing the syringe or a tool separate from the syringe.

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