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Record and verification method, apparatus and system

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6637649.

A method and apparatus are provided for verification of the identity of a patient undergoing treatment administered by a medical treatment practitioner in a treatment room. An identifying element such as patient chart or patient photograph is provided for the patient which includes a patient identifier, e.g., a barcode, capable of being read by a reader device located within the treatment room. In use, the patient identifier is read by the reader device in the treatment room and a characteristic audio signal, previously assigned to the patient and known to the patient, is generated in response to the reading of the identifying element when there is a match between the patient identifier and a stored identifier for the patient. Treatment of the patient is at least temporarily withheld if any audio signal generated in response to reading of the patient identifier by the reader device is not the characteristic audio signal assigned to the patient. A special patient chart with a removable identifier can be used. A billing method which may involve the scanning step is also provided.

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