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Monolithic bypass-diode and solar-cell string assembly

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6635507.

An apparatus and method are described for making a solar cell with an integrated bypass diode. The method comprises the steps of depositing a second layer having a first type of dopant on a first layer having an opposite type of dopant to the first type of dopant to form a solar cell, depositing a third layer having the first type of dopant on the second layer, depositing a fourth layer having the opposite type of dopant on the third layer, the third layer and fourth layer forming a bypass diode, selectively etching the third layer and the fourth layer to expose the second layer and the third layer, and applying contacts to the fourth layer, third layer, and the first layer to allow electrical connections to the assembly. The apparatus comprises a first layer having a first type of dopant, a second layer having a second type of dopant opposite to the first type of dopant, wherein the first layer and the second layer form a solar cell, a third layer, coupled to the second layer, and a fourth layer, coupled to the third layer, the third layer and the fourth layer forming a bypass diode.

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