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Ferrite core in deflection yoke for Braun tube

Image Number 19 for United States Patent #6633116.

Deflection yoke for a cathode ray tube including horizontal and vertical deflection coils for deflecting electron beams emitted from an electron gun in a horizontal or vertical direction, a ferrite core for reducing a loss of a magnetic force generated at the horizontal and vertical deflection coils to enhance a magnetic efficiency, and a holder for fixing the horizontal and vertical deflection coils and the ferrite core to preset positions, and insulating between the horizontal deflection coils and the vertical deflection coils, wherein the ferrite core includes a main ferrite core with a curved surface and supplementary ferrite cores each with a planar surface fitted to the main ferrite core, thereby maintaining advantages of the rectangular core of improving a deflection sensitivity compared to the circular ferrite core, and permitting easier grinding on an internal surface compared to the rectangular ferrite core, to improve a distribution of inside surface dimensions.

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