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Block interleaver and de-interleaver with buffer to reduce power consumption

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6625763.

A block interleaver is provided using a relatively small register file and a larger random access memory (RAM). In one embodiment, the size of the RAM is larger than the size of the register file by at least one order of magnitude. As a result, the register file consumes significantly less power than the RAM for similar operations. The register file receives a stream of sequential data values and stores the data values in a column order. The data values are then read from the register file in a row order. The data values read from the register file in a row order are then written to the RAM in a row order. The data values are then read from the RAM in a row order, thereby creating an interleaved data stream. In a particular embodiment, the data values are written to the RAM in a staggered row order and read from the RAM in a sequential row order. All accesses to the RAM are performed using the full width of the RAM, such that no unnecessary power is used to access the RAM. The register file consumes significantly less power than the RAM, thereby providing an overall power savings for the interleaving process. In different embodiments, the register file can be a single-port device or a dual-port device. A similar block de-interleaver is provided in another embodiment.

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