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Data buffer structure for asynchronously received physical channels in a CDMA system

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6624767.

A receiver unit for use in a CDMA system and including a channel processor, a buffer, and a data processor. The channel processor processes samples for one or more physical channels for each time interval to provide symbols. The buffer is operated as a number of memory banks. Each memory bank is associated with a respective time interval and stores symbols associated with that time interval. The data processor retrieves symbols for a particular "traffic" from one or more memory banks and processes the retrieved symbols. For the W-CDMA system, each traffic includes one or more radio frames for a particular transmission time interval. The receiver unit typically further includes a controller that directs the storage and retrieval of symbols to and from the memory banks and a decoder that decodes symbols processed by the data processor. For each time interval, radio frames for physical channels received starting within that time interval can be stored to permutated locations of designated sections of the memory bank. Radio frames associated with a particular CCTrCH can be stored to contiguous sections of the memory bank. Symbols for a particular traffic can be retrieved from one or more memory banks in permutated order.

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