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Bearing apparatus of sealing type

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #6623165.

When an inner race (12) rotates at a speed lower than a predetermined speed, a sealing body (27) contacts the sealingface part (21c), but when the inner race (12) rotates at a speed more than the predetermined speed, a contacting pressure to a sealing face part (21c) is reduced or the sealing body (27) is isolated so as to form a non-contacting seal, and therefore, for example, at the low speed, the sealing body (27) forms a contacting seal, thereby to compensate a low speed-low sealing ability of the non-contacting seal such as the labyrinth seal, and on the other hand, at high speed rotation, the sealing body (27) reduces the contacting pressure to the sealing face part (21c), and otherwise separates therefrom to form the non-contacting seal as the labyrinth seal, whereby it is possible to solve the problem of heating or abrasion at the contacting part. Further, a sleeve (122) is mounted on the supporting edge (12a) of the inner race (12), thereby to secure the sealing device (120) without processing a screwing hole in the inner race (12). Moreover, the sleeve (122) is optionally processed with a screwing hole (122a), to thereby easily fix the sealing device (120) by the bolt (124).

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