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Low profile snow sled having thin walls and high structural stability

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6623018.

A snow sled comprising a unitary body comprising a top portion having a seat portion, a bottom portion engageable with the snow, a rear portion, a front portion, and first and second side portions. The bottom portion and the top portion extend along a longitudinal axis substantially from the rear portion to the front portion. The top portion comprises a first wall portion. The lower portion comprises a second wall portion. The first wall portion of the top portion is spaced less than substantially four inches from the second wall portion of the bottom portion along said longitudinal axis. The top portion may further comprise first and second foot rest portions. The first and second foot rest portions comprise first and second wall portions. The bottom portion may further comprises a third wall portion. Application of a downward force to the first and second foot rest portions cause the first and second wall portions of the top portion to deflect and come in contact with the third wall portion of the bottom portion to provide structural stability.

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