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Method and apparatus for an improved call interrupt feature in a cordless telephone answering device

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6611681.

A telecommunication device comprising a base unit and a cordless handset, wherein said telecommunication device is operable in a plurality of modes of operation. The base unit includes: (1) a ring signal detection module communicatively coupled to a telephone network; (2) a voice communication channel also communicatively coupled to said telephone network; (3) a wireless communication transmitter module; (4) a wireless receiver module; and (5) a controller for executing program instructions. The cordless handset includes: (1) a ringer module; (2) an ear piece; (3) a microphone; (4) a talk request command input device; (5) a wireless communication transmitter; and (6) a wireless communication receiver. The modes of operation include a talk request mode of operation, wherein (1) a ringing signal is received at said base unit; (2) said base unit transmits a wireless signal to said cordless handset; (3) said cordless handset receives said wireless signal; from said base, and initiates said local ringer module; (4) said base unit counts a predetermined number of rings; (5) said base unit initiates an off-hook condition in response to detection of a predetermined number of rings; (6) an outgoing message (OGM) is played at said base unit; (7) actuation of said talk request command input device is detected; (8) said base unit receives a wireless talk request signal (TRS) from said cordless handset, initiates an OGM end detection means, and continues to play said OGM; and (9) upon detection of end of said OGM by said OGM end detection means, said base unit inhibits the start of an incoming message (ICM) means and connects the calling party with the called party at said cordless handset.

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