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Quick connect reflector holder

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #6607289.

A reflector holder retains a reflector that has a hole in one of its ends. The holder includes a base with a quick-connect connector extending from the base. In one version, the quick-connect connector includes a semi-arcuate flange member that extends from the base. The member has a pair of edges extending between the base and the outward end of the flange member and a mid-portion between the edges. The member also has a concave side and a convex side. A connection post extends from the mid-portion of the concave side of the end of the member away from the base, and terminates in an outward end. A pair of lock ears extend from the outward end of the connection post, with one ear extending toward each of the edges of the flange member. Each lock ear terminates in a locking end that is spaced from one of the edges so as to define a gap between the locking end and edge. Another version of a quick-connect connector includes an upper jaw and a lower jaw that extend from the base and have a gap defined between the jaws. The upper jaw has a tooth that extends across the gap. The reflector is retained in the gap with the tooth extending through the hole in the reflector.

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