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Magnetic write/erase binder

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6607216.

A binder, such as a three ring binder, is provided with a magnetizable panel on the front cover of the binder and with a stylus and a permanent magnet erasing device mounted onto the binder. The magnetizable panel may be inset into the cover of the binder, or it may constitute substantially the entire front cover of the binder, or it may be inserted into a transparent pocket on the front cover of the binder. The eraser may be of a broad area permanent magnet type which may be brought into engagement with the entire magnetizable panel; or a smaller linear permanently magnetized eraser may be employed. In one embodiment the magnetizable panel may be pivotally mounted on the front cover of the binder, so that it may be folded over to expose the back of the binder for accessible erasing.

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