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Integrated ocean bottom towed array for four-component seismic data acquisition

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6607050.

An integrated ocean bottom towed four-component array for seismic data acquisition consists of a four-channel electronic section for seismic data collection, a gimbaled three-component geophone and a hydrophone in a housing. The array connects with a submarine cable through a cable joint in order to acquire four components of data consisting of seismic P wave, shear wave and hydrophone in total. Through cable data transmission and processing in a central station, ocean bottom oil and gas structure information can be obtained. Because of the high SNR acquisition in the ocean bottom seismic data acquisition of the present invention, and the waterproof cable interconnections between each of the sections of the present apparatus, data acquisition of high quality can be gained to realize highly efficient and easy ocean bottom towing operations.

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