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Apparatus and methods of forming a display case door and frame

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6606833.

Perimeter frame rails and door frames rails are described for a more thermally efficient and cost-effective display case such as for refrigerated display cases. The frames are preferably formed from cold rolled steel. A perimeter frame may include first, second and third walls defining an opening or a recess that can be closed by a contact plate. A door for a refrigerated display case may include a glass unit and a forward portion extending inwardly from a perimeter frame edge portion toward an edge of the forward glass pane and a first side portion extends rearwardly to a groove. An insulating member insulates the door rail from the cold area and includes a portion engaging the groove. A glass door is also provided for a refrigerated display case having a first glass panel, a second glass panel, and low emissivity coatings on the inside surfaces of the first and second glass panels. One or more intermediate glass panels can also be included. Spacer assemblies are used to separate adjacent glass panels and preferably include a desiccant-embedded sealant. Preferably, little or no metal structures are used in the spacers.

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