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Automatic coin input tray for a self-service coin-counting machine

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #6602125.

An automatic coin input tray is disclosed. In one embodiment, the automatic coin input tray includes a coin-staging section, a delivery disk section and a ramp section. A user pours coins onto the coin-staging section, which are then delivered to the delivery, disk section under the force of gravity. The delivery disk section automatically meters the coins provided to the ramp section by providing a rotatable disk that sinks into a coin-input buffer, based upon the weight of coins placed thereupon. Accordingly, instead of all coins being fed to the ramp section at once, a more limited number of coins are provided to the ramp section. In addition, a controller circuit is provided to stop rotation of the rotatable disk and, hence, delivery of further coins, upon sensing various conditions including, for example, a coin jam.

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