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Composite stopper with controlled permeability

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6601722.

A composite stopper for closing bottles, in particular wine bottles, comprising a body made of a compressible material such as cork, provided at least at its end facing the contents of the bottle to be closed with matching element forming a joint. The element (25) is made from a substantially incompressible elastomer, filling up a cavity arranged circular in shape and a concentric position in the end surface (24) of the stopper body (22) and having a volume such that the element, under the effect of compression whereto the stopper body is subjected when the bottle is closed, is elastically deformed at the front of the end surface, so as to produce after closure, at the front of the cork body end surface, a sealing joint covering the whole of the end surface and in contact the bottle neck inner surface (26). The invention is useful for closing bottles of sparking or non-sparking wine.

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