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Production of anti-self antibodies from antibody segment repertoires and displayed on phage

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #6593081.

Methods are disclosed for the production of human self-antibodies and antibody fragments, which bind human antigens. Methods comprise providing a library of replicable genetic display packages (rgdps), such as filamentous phage, each rgdp displaying at its surface a member of a specific binding pair which is an antibody or antibody fragment, and each rgdp containing nucleic acid sequence derived from a species of mammal. The nucleic acid sequence in each rgdp encodes a polypeptide chain which is a component part of the sbp member displayed at the surface of that rgdp. Human antibodies or antibody fragments are selected by binding with human antigens. The displayed antibody fragments may be scFv, Fd, Fab or any other fragment which has the capability of binding to and is a human antigen. Nucleic acid libraries used may be derived from V-gene sequences of unimmunised humans. Part or all of the nucleic acid may be derived from oligonucleotide synthesis.

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