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Scope mount for firearms having projectiles traveling at subsonic speed and associated methods

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6591538.

A firearm scope mounting apparatus and methods of positioning a firearm scope are provided. The firearm scope mounting apparatus preferably advantageously includes a pivot base having a bottom member adapted to be connected to a firearm and a top member overlying the bottom member and pivotally connected to the bottom member along a proximal end portion thereof. An elevation member is adapted to be connected to the distal end portion of the pivot base to elevate the top member of the pivot base above the bottom member of the pivot base along the distal end portion thereof and thereby increase the distance between the top and bottom members of the pivot base adjacent the distal end portion of the pivot base. A firearm scope connector preferably is positioned to connect to a medial portion of the top member of the pivot base and is adapted to connect a firearm scope to the pivot base. A scope positioner preferably is adapted to overlie the firearm scope connector to move a firearm scope in lateral and longitudinal directions.

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