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Thin-walled synthetic resin laminated body for liquid container and method for manufacturing the same

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #6586060.

A thin-walled laminated synthetic resin body for a liquid container according to the invention comprises first and second thin-walled synthetic resin layers (10, 20), each having a curved surface portion (11, 21) and a projection (12, 22) extending outwardly from a predetermined region at an edge of the curved surface portion (11, 21). The first and second layers (10, 20) are laminated to each other with the curved surface portions (11, 21) bulging out in the same direction, are integrated with each other at the edges (13, 23) of the curved surface portions (11, 21) and projections (12, 22), and are separable from each other at regions exclusive of the edges (13, 23). When a liquid is charged, the curved surface portion (21) of one of the first and second layers (20) is separated from the curved surface portion (11) of the other layer (10) and reversed. By this, the curved surface portions bulge out in the opposite directions to define an inner space between the curved surface portions (11, 21) for containing a liquid. The laminated body has a high freedom degree of design of the container shape, can be readily formed into desired three-dimensional shape depending upon various applications, and can be manufactured simply and at low cost with conventional production system.

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