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Ear transceiver

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6584208.

The invention relates to a ear transceiver comprising: an ear hanger, a transceiver mounted on another end of front stand of an ear hanger, and an electrical connecting means connected to the transceiver; the ear hanger is provided with: a front stand, a rear stand and a supporting tube connected to the front stand and rear stand, another end of the front stand connected to a microphone supporting rod, both ends of the microphone are connected to a microphone and an earphone respectively, the front stand has a plurality of supporting rods, a pair connecting is means in provided between various supporting rods and between the microphone supporting rod and end of the front stand, and the connecting part of the microphone supporting rod and earphone has plug-in pieces of electric connection. The ear hanger adapts to various sizes of human ears, both left and right ears can wear a same hanger, and the distance and height between a microphone and a mouth being adjustable and convenient in replacement.

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