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Warp-tied composite forming fabric

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6581645.

A composite forming fabric woven to a repeating pattern in at least 6 sheds; up to at least 36 sheds can be used. All of the paper side layer warp yarns are pairs of intrinsic warp binder yarns (101, 102) occupying an unbroken warp path in the paper side surface including three segments. The first and a second are occupied in turn by each intrinsic warp binder yarn (101, 102), and the third by both intrinsic warp binder yarns (101, 102) of a pair. The first, second and third segments are separated by at least one paper side layer weft, and a first or second segment is adjacent each end of the third segment. Within each first and second segment, each intrinsic warp binder yarn (101, 102) also interlaces once with a machine side layer weft (2', 9'), at the same point as a machine side layer warp (103) interlaces with the same weft (2', 9'). The weave path occupied by each member of a pair of intrinsic warp binder yarns (101, 102) can be the same or different. The segment lengths can be the same or different, and the machine side layer interlacing points can be regularly or irregularly spaced. After heat setting, the fabrics typically have a warp fill from about 110% to about 140%, an open area of at least 35% in the paper side surface, and an air permeability typically from about 3,500 to about 8,200 m.sup.3 /m.sup.2 /hr. Paper products made using these fabrics have enhanced printability.

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