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System and corresponding automatic machine for assembling and shaping circular brushes

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #6578928.

A system for assembling and shaping semi-finished products (4) consisting of circular brushes comprises a bristle-insertion station (ST2) in which, substantially: a) there is provided a folded circular ring nut (107), which extends axially along its own axis (7x), and has a conical front profiled section (7ap), a central cylindrical portion (7a), a rear circumferential side (7dp) and a central axial hole (7b), fitted onto a ring nut-holder unit (43-39-38) with a conical front head (43); b) a ring (2) is disposed slightly spaced axially in front of the said ring nut (107) and coaxially (2x-7x) relative to the said folded ring nut (107); and c) a plurality of bristles (61) is inserted in a circumferentially distributed manner, by being made to pass between the inner circumference of the said ring (2) and the outer circumference of the said head (43), and thus on the outer circumference of the said ring nut (107), until a specific length (98a) of bristles (61) is obtained, disposed downstream from the said ring (2). A machine for implementation of this system.

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