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Electrothermal ignition device and method for producing the device

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6578493.

The invention relates to an electrothermal ignition device for igniting a powder propellant charge (4), which comprises at least one electrically-conductive wire (11; 15; 19; 22), that extends, at least partially, through the propellant charge, and can be connected to a current source (3). The electrically-conductive wire (11; 15; 19; 22) is coated with a pyrotechnical ignition mixture (12; 16; 20)so that the ignition device can have a low electrical-energy requirement and be easily adapted to the different requirements placed on it. A mixture on a potassium perchlorate-zirconium (KClO.sub.4 --Zr) base has proven to be an advantageous ignition mixture.

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