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Project work management method and system

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6578006.

A work management method and system which manage a project executed by individuals or groups belonging to an organization. In response to a phase transition request from a task management unit, a workflow management unit performs transition and activation of a business phase included in a process definition, sets a work in work management table, and issues a task addition request. In response to an event addition request or a deletion request, an event management unit adds or deletes events to or from an event queue, monitors an occurrence of the event and, when the event occurs, sends a task status transition request to the task management unit. In response to the task addition request, the task management unit sets a task name and a task status name in the work management table, generates the event associated with the task name, issues the event addition request. In response to the task status transition request described above, the task management unit sets the task status name, such as "execute" or "complete", in a task status column according to the type of the event. When the event type is "execute", the task management unit generates the event and issues the event addition request; when the event type is "complete", the unit issues a request to delete the generated event. When the task status values of all tasks, including the task that has completed, of the business phase are "complete", the task management unit issues the phase transition request.

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