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Knee prosthesis

Image Number 19 for United States Patent #6572658.

A knee prosthesis comprising two pivotally interconnected members (10, 11) carrying a locking device (17) and a first end a second axle (20, 21). The first axle (20) forms a bearing axle for the locking device and the second axle (21) cooperates with the locking device for activation thereof. The second axle (21) is located at a distance behind the first axle (20) and is arranged to act upon the locking device in such a way that when the line of action (26) from a load on the knee prosthesis passes through the second axle (21) or between the first (20) and the second axle, said second axle will act upon the locking device to activate it, while when said line of action (26) passes through the first axle or in front of it the second axle (21) will be unloaded and the locking device (17) inactivated.

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