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Jet head device for sinking pilings

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6568881.

A jetting device for installing a piling or post includes: (a) a cap including a generally conical or pyramidal shaped, perforated, hollow main body portion, and an upper flange portion for closely fitting over a base of the piling or post, the flange portion extending upward in a generally vertical direction from the main body portion; (b) attachment mechanism for attaching the flange portion of the cap to the base of the piling or post; and (c) a threaded fitting for receiving a detachable, generally vertical line for conducting a liquid or air into the cap, the fitting being in an upper section of the main body portion below the flange portion. Also included is a rectangular-shaped cap for a bulkhead section, and a method for installing a piling, post, or bulkhead.

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