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Easy-to-wear shoe

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6568104.

A shoe body includes first and second eyelet tabs. The second eyelet tab includes a front portion proximate to a vamp, a rear portion proximate to a top shoe opening, and an intermediate eyelet-free portion therebetween. Each of the front and rear portions of the second eyelet tab is provided with at least one eyelet. A first fastener has a mounting section mounted securely on the intermediate eyelet-free portion of the second eyelet tab, and a fastener engaging section provided on the mounting section. A second fastener has a shoe lace stringing section formed with at least one eyelet, and a fastener engaging section extending from the shoe lace stringing section and capable of removable engagement with the fastener engaging section of the first fastener. A shoe lace unit is strung through the eyelets of the first and second eyelet tabs and the second fastener.

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