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Method of polishing a layer comprising copper using an oxide inhibitor slurry

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6566266.

A process for polishing a semiconductor body according to an embodiment of the present invention includes the steps of providing a semiconductor body, forming a barrier layer over a portion of the semiconductor body, and forming at least one layer including copper over a portion of the barrier layer. The process further includes the steps of polishing at least a portion of the layer including copper with a first polishing slurry composition and changing the polishing composition from the first slurry composition to a second polishing slurry composition. The process also includes the steps of polishing at least a portion of the layer including copper with the second slurry composition and polishing at least a portion of the barrier layer with the second slurry composition. Moreover, the second slurry composition includes an effective amount of a copper oxide inhibitor to substantially inhibit copper oxide formation. In an embodiment, the effective amount of the copper oxide inhibitor is between about 0.005% and 0.03% by weight of the second slurry composition. In another embodiment, the second slurry composition is different than the first slurry composition.

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